We encountered an unforseen problem with our PAYPAL payment options recently 

and have been trying to resolve it for a while.

This morning, we managed to get the system back to normal.

So payments via PAYPAL or Credit Cards have now resumed.

Thank you very much for your patience and we hope you will enjoy shopping at MONOCIRCUS.


One problem that is still unresolved is that orders made via iphones and mobile phones

sometimes encounter problems with credit card payments.

We have been and are still trying to find out how to resolve this issue.


Starting MONOCIRCUS has been a great learning curve for us.

We started it from scratch, doing all the website designing and programming,

maintaining the business and administrative side of it all on our own.

We are always trying to find solutions to make the online store more user-friendly as well as look good!


If there are any issues that you think we could try to put in more efforts to make things better,

do feel free to send us a message any time to [email protected]!


Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Happy Shopping!