Ethical Fashion College was held at the Ikejiri Institute of Design (IID) at Setagaya, Tokyo recently on May 9th till May 10th, 2015.

Ethical Fashion refers to fashion items, produced under conditions that are socially and/or environmentally friendly.

This event was designed as a 2-day College program of lectures, movie screenings, handmade workshops, fashion shows and shops

that was open to the public. The venue is a renovated old school building with a nostalgic atmosphere.

Monocircus was a part of the series of shops where we displayed a large arrangement of our 3D printed fashon accessories for sale.

Our 3D printed items are produced from computer data sent directly for printing

without the typical process of casting and mold-making, 

and unlike typical mass production where an item would be required to be produced in large quantities,

3D printing production do not require us to produce large quantities held as stock.

Hence there is a lot less 'waste' and redundancy as compared to the typical manufacturing process.

Because of these factors, Monocircus was invited to partake in this Ethical Fashion College event

which we are very glad to have been given the chance!

Within the span of just two days, we managed to encounter a lot of visitors who saw, touch and

held 3D printed products for their first time at our store!

It was wonderful to see how they were greatly touched and amazed by our items.

We are very thankful and happy to be a part of the event where we managed to meet and speak with fellow shop owners, creators and visitors.


The IID is just next to the Ikejiri Elementary School compound.

Just outside the IID entrance, a hand-dyed T-shirt workshop was being held. 

On the second floor is a room of interesting fashion stores. At the back of the room is Monocircus with our items displayed for sale.

We were given 3 large tables where we displayed a whole range of items where visitors could touch and try on.

At the back is a our signage on a tripod stand! ... everything hand carried to site in a big red luggage!