MONOCIRCUS will be presenting some of our creations in an event, FASHION MEETS DIGITAL,

at the Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan from February 26th till March 4th, 2014.


The event features fashion related products created by the latest digital technology

such as digitally printed fabrics and accessories and 3D printed products.

There are also interactive activities that enable guests to experience Virtual Fitting technology and Digital Fashion Analysis!


We created a new series of packaging for our items for this event,

with transparent ziplock bags printed with our MONOCIRCUS logo on the back.

The items are packed in such a way that they look like they are floating in the bag.

We are excited to see how they are going to look when they are put up in the  wall panel

that has been specially made for the exhibition!


MONOCIRCUS will have more than 35 different series of our creations put on sale at the event. 

You not only get to see the items and hold them in your hand, but you are free to try them on too!

I will be there on the opening day of February 26th to greet our guests!

so do drop by if you happen to be in Osaka!


Once the event has opened, we will be posting a report to show you how the event actually looks.


More information are being uploaded on our FACEBOOK page

so do drop by there too!