Here's to introduce our new work that is 3D printed in semi-full color, made possible with the help of the latest 3D printing technology by DMM.make.

Entitled the 'Fur' Series in the form of a set of cuff bangle, ear studs and ring, the overall design is inspired by the idea of 'wearing fur'.

For the many 3D printed items we have created in plastics so far, the 3D printing technique has been limited to just a single color for each object. However, for this experimental project, we were able to make use of the latest 3D printing technique that enables Semi-Full Color printing, which as the name implies, refers to 3D printing in a few colors that are selected from a basic set of color palette in acrylic plastic material.

In this 'Fur' Series, multiple colored fur-like lines are created within a transparent base form as if the thin furs are floating in mid-air. Because the 3D printing process fabricates the object with all its colored parts together as one whole and not in parts, it is able to produce the object with very refined details and intricacy. Because the fur is suspended in transparent acrylic, when the bangle, ear studs and ring is worn, they create the illusion of fur 'growing' out from the skin. And because of this transparency, reflection of the details on the surface of the object create an interesting and intriguing visual effect. With the intention of producing a kind of 'pop' impression to this series, we have chosen to use warm colors of orange, yellow and hot pink. It is also possible to use another set of color palette which contains cool colors such as greens and blues.


photo↑ fur bangle


photo↑ fur earrings


photo↑ fur ring

The 3D printing technology, that made this series possible, has not yet been officially released for public use, but it is being planned to be launched soon and the official launch of this 'fur' series has not yet been confirmed.
At MONOCIRCUS, we are always open to exploring new possibilities, design ideas and concepts alongside new technological advancement. Amidst the many kinds of work we do, MONOCIRCUS is an art and design studio for 3D design and 3D printing. We are open to inquiries from individuals or groups and companies regarding the design and making of 'MONO' ('things' in japanese). Please feel free to contact us.