We have just celebrated the brand new year with lots of cheers

and how so quickly time flies...

now the time to show and share feelings of love is just around the corner.


We hope you will have a most wonderful Valentine's day of 2013

with lots of joy and love!

and we hope Monocircus' creation is one of that special item which triggers a part of that joy and love!


Click on the image above and see what Monocircus has

that might touch the heart of your love.


For destinations outside Japan,

registered mail takes about 1 week to arrive in your country.

Depending on the postal service in your country, the time it takes to reach you might differ,

so it would be advisable to make your orders at least 2 weeks before your special date!

For orders within Japan, it takes mostly just 2 days to arrive at your door step.

Here at the back end of Monocircus, we work 'almost' round the clock. 

Orders are often processed and packed, ready for shipping within 6 hours upon confirmation of your purchase.


An added note:

It would be advisable to make your orders via your PC instead of your mobile phone

to prevent hiccups with payment processing.

We hope you have a most pleasant shopping experience with us at Monocircus.

Thank you 

and with lots of Love.