This is a test print of an elephant made by MONOCIRCUS' own 3D printing machine. 6 cm wide and 4 cm high in size. 3D printing techniques are being used worldwide to create a variety of products and prototypes. The machine MONOCIRCUS is using is a DIY kind of 3D printer of which all the components of the machine has to be assembled on our own. The printing process is similar to an inkjet printer, where melted plastic is build up layer and layer along the contours of the object. Each layer has a minimum thickness of 0.2mm so the resultant object can be quite finely made. The finger-print-like texture you see on the surface of this elephant sample is a result of the shifting of the machine head. Even though the machine is relatively advanced in its technology, the resultant object still has a sort of handmade-ness to it that we admire. In order to produce the best results, quite a bit of adjustments have to be made depending on the various kind of colored plastic we use. To produce an elephant of this size, it took about 2.5 hours.
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