'Letter' Business Card Case will be a latest addition to our catalog of 3D printed works,

which will be on sale starting February 1st, 2015.

'Pocket Square' was our first card case creation and now we have made a new edition of business card case, the 'Letter'.

During the situation of exchanging business cards, this one little paper card contains a lot of your personal information

and forges a significant presence and connection to your business partner.

We see it like an important introductory 'letter' about yourself, hence have given this item a general shape of an envelope.

And on this, we have added the horizontal notebook dots and lines as its overall pattern design.

The method of usage is kept a very simple sliding method of opening.

The business card can be easily taken out of the case by sliding the red inner casing.

On the back of this red casing is a stopper that allows the red inner casing to open about half way

from the white external casing and it also prevents the red casing from sliding off entirely from the white casing.

Even when the opened card case is tilted upside down, the cards will not fall out of the case.

To ease the process of taking out a card, a squarish opening is created on the back of the red inner casing that

allows your finger to push the cards inside the case and lets you slide out the first card easily.

In this creation, emphasis is placed on the utility of the item while the design is kept very simple and sleek,

it is unisex and is versatile for various situations.

'Letter' will be officially for sale from February 1st, 2015.

We will be featuring it in our upcoming newsletter along with information about our other New Items.

So do keep a look out for it!