In this post, we hope to share with you the making process of our Metaball pendant.

All the original creations of Monocircus are produced in a process that begins with idea sketches drawn on paper by Kazu and Shing, which are then 3 dimensionally modelled on computer.
The actual fabrication processes are done in mainly two ways. Designs that are not too complicated or elaborate are fabricated with our own 3D printing machine, while the more complex and intricate designs we come up with are fabricated by highly advanced 3D printing techniques at a 3D printing specialized company.

In this newspost, we hope to share with you more about the little 3D printing machine we own.

The first step is translating our drawn idea into a 3 dimensional model on computer.
Sometimes sketched ideas are translated directly into 3 dimensional model data,
but a lot of times, we realize it is through verbal language used to describe the idea that concretize the idea into a formalized shape. 


The next step is to translate the 3D model into a format that can be read by the 3D printer.
With the 3D printer we have, it fabricates the 3D model by layering 0.2 mm thin plastic material,
so the model is horizontally sliced into units of 0.2 mm
and the actual paths or tracks that the nozel of the printer moves is written into the data. 

The surface of the model, the inner walls, the solid parts, etc. are all indicated in the data in different colors.
This is how all the sectioned layers of the model are indicated in the data.
Depending on the various sectional layers, the track or tunnel where the necklace or chain is going to be put through the pendant can be seen.
And it can be seen clearly here how the model will be fabricated layer by layer and how the nozel of the printer will move through the model when fabricating it.

Next, with the model data created, the printer proceeds to the actual printing process.
The photograph below shows the stage after the 1st hour of printing.
The base of the pendant is formed and here you can see the track where the curved chain is to be put through the pendant.

After the 2nd hour. Almost half the pendant is completed.

After 3 hours, the printing is complete.
The red track lines that were seen in the model data shown in the earlier images above
shows up in the actual printed pendant as excessive plastic material on the surface of the pendant.

The last part of the production process of Metaball is to carve away the excessive plastic material and ensure the surface of the pendant is smooth and clean. And then once the chain is put through the pendant and attached with the clasp, the Metaball is COMPLETE!