This month, we have a New and Highly Recommended item!

CUBE - Pen Stand for the Meticulous

An intriguing pen holder that is lightweight, stylish and beautiful as a sculptural artwork,

yet enables your stationery to be neatly and meticulously arranged!

A simple cube structure

composed with lines criss crossing at higher density at the central area than the outer surface.

This linework creates a visual effect that emphasizes its 3 dimensionality,

as well as, its lightness and 'translucency' much like a cloud or smoke.

When you place a pen or pencil into the CUBE - Pen Stand for the Meticulous,

each pen or pencil stands upright in each slot and each looks as if it is floating in a cubic 'cloud'!

We highly recommend this item for the guy or lady who loves and treasures his/her stationery!