Hair Accessories, a new genre of MONOCIRCUS' works.

Because of a design competition held about a year ago,

we started brainstorming ideas for hair accessories for the first time.

We have also been receiving comments from our dear customers,

about how they would love to wear some of our brooches as hair accessories.


So we started pondering about possibilities and

came upon the idea of adding a simple detachable hair comb

to our brooches such that they can be worn as a brooch as well as a hair comb.

Out of all the brooch items we have in MONOCIRCUS,

KIKU and ORCHID are two of the most popular items

so we launched a new product out of them

as a BROOCH + COMB item.


Below you can see how each brooch can be 'transformed' into a hair comb

by simply putting the brooch pin through the tiny rings attached to the comb attachment

and then locking the brooch pin. It is that simple.

They make simple yet outstanding pieces that go beautifully with

Japanese kimonos as well as party dresses or even casual wear.

We hope they will bring you lots of joy and wonderful compliments.


And here we hope to introduce you to two of our hair comb items

that were nominated at an international design competition 

and have been exhibited in a few international fashion shows and exhibitions.

They are KOTORI and KIKOO.

They were designed based on traditional Japanese hair combs called the Kanzashi

as well as inspired by traditional motifs that were widely used for crafts and kimonos.

KOTORI is composed of flocks of little birds flying in different directions.

The tessellated pattern is elaborate and beautiful like lace.

The item is so intricately made such that

even the tiny eyes and beaks of the little birds are clearly visible.

The more you look at KOTORI, the more it intrigues and fascinates

just like an art object.

KIKOO is another hair piece that is made up of

chrysanthemum flowers and leaves that are inspired by Japanese pine trees.

The design is just as intricate and elaborate,

a beautiful result that would be difficult to achieve if not for 3D printing technology.


We highly recommend this item for BRIDES!

KIKOO is an item that enables you to admire the traditional Japanese sense of beauty

as well as appreciate the contemporary and technological advances.


At MONOCIRCUS, we welcome made-to-order projects.

If you are interested to have us made something just for you,

do feel free to contact us.