MONOCIRCUS now has a brand new page!

WEARING MONOCIRCUS is a photo review gallery of snapshots contributed by guests, friends and customers

from all over the world, wearing our items in their various fashion styles. 

We are slowly building up this portfolio of snapshots and

it is wonderful to see how MONOCIRCUS' items are being worn and enjoyed in so many different ways!

'WEARING MONOCIRCUS' enables first-time visitors to get a clearer perspective of our items.

It also creates a sense of a MONOCIRCUS' community,

making our customers and guests feel more at ease and fun shopping.

And it is a terrific opportunity too for us to learn from these snapshot collection and get inspired for new ideas.


We hope you can help us by submitting your Review!

Click and go to Review Form where you can upload your snapshots and send us your comments.

Selected  photos will be presented and comments translated to be featured on both Japanese and English pages.


If your review gets selected to be featured in 'WEARING MONOCIRCUS', 

you will be notified and presented with a 5% discount coupon for your next shopping experience at MONOCIRCUS.

We look forward to your contribution!