Since our original BOW TIE has been launched in June,

it has been featured and published in numerous blogs and online magazines around the world.


This week, we discovered that our BOW TIE, along with a few of our 3D printed accessories,

were featured in , a very popular blog in Japan.

Then soon afterwhich, we realized our work has been featured on the 'LIFE' page of the Japanese MSN Topics,

the well known Microsoft web! hurray!


Each of our work is created based on our very own ideas, taste and senses.

Our daily creative activities are always triggered by our very own motivation and inspiration and spontaneity.

And because of this, we are often suddenly attacked by our own insecurities

that we would worry about how our work will be viewed and taken.

It is times like this when we find out that our work is being featured by others

and is being viewed and liked,

that we feel really encouraged and even more motivated.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to have our work seen by so many people

in Japan and across the globe!

Thank you.