As a feature of the market event we were involved in at Iwataya, Fukuoka organized by handmade online mall, 'minne',

the KBC news crew recently visited our home and studio to film us and our little 3D printer.

and they featured us in their evening news program at 6.40pm Tokyo time on May 13, 2013.

We are a little shy about showing this but we thought it might be interesting for some of you

to see the environment we work in.

Below are some of the screen shots we took of the news program on TV. 


we were featured as a family!

I was saying how online business is just right for us

cos we could work on our creations and our sales while being at home and caring for our boys.


our creations were beautifully filmed and featured, thanks to the wonderful camera man.

our little 3D printer was filmed in the midst of printing a simple lotus item.

this was our set up at the department store, Iwataya.

it has been a little embarrassing to show ourselves and our private living and working environment 

with such close-up shots on screen.

but we are really happy that we got chosen for the feature as it goes to show that our creations have been well received.

it has been an interesting experience and we are really thankful for it.


a dream that we are working towards right now is

to find a bigger place where we could live and work.

to have a nice little studio space as well as a space 

where we could showcase our work, do workshops

and have friends and fans and customers over to see our work and how we work.

a space which we could be open about and feel less constraint and shy about. *wink