MONOCIRCUS participated at the OSAKA Art & Handmade Bazaar vol.18 recently on March 7th, 2015,

as part of a group of creators under  'minne' , an online market place based in Japan.

This event held at the Osaka ATC Hall near the Osaka Harbor is said to be one of the most outstanding bazaar

in the Kansai area of Japan with more than 900 creators participating and

more than 9500 visitors recorded just on the first day of the event.

MONOCIRCUS' booth was but a tiny table space but we managed to receive quite a lot of visitors

of whom quite a few already knew about us from our website and other sources,

while most of others got to know MONOCIRCUS during this event for the first time and 

got really excited to see our works!

Even before the event started at 10am, there were already lines of visitors queuing to get in

and throughout the event till the very end before the hall closed its doors,

there was an endless gathering of people at our booth and it was amazing!


Guests queuing and entering the hall through the curved stairway. Our MONOCIRCUS booth was just next to this stairway.


Our little booth!