shibuya hikarie

On the 2nd to 13th of April, MONOCIRCUS was a part of an exhibition held

at the CUBE space on the 8th Level of SHIBUYA HIKARIE in Tokyo.

Here is a short report about the event.


In this event, artworks such as paintings, photography,

architectural drawings and 3D printed architectural models were exhibited.

And in the midst of these works, MONOCIRCUS's 3D printed accessories were exhibited

as part of the digital art series.

Specially for this event, we created a new fixture for displaying our work.

Whenever we are creating accessories, display fixtures or just about anything,

we are always inevitably concerned about the visual and artistic aspects of each work,

so somehow most of what we create have an inclination to look like sculptural art objects.

Below are some pictures to share with you about the recent event.


The above pictures were taken when we are setting up for the exhibition.

For this event, we carried and brought in all the components of the fixtures by ourselves

so the fixtures were made in parts for better portability.

From the ceiling hung a simple stainless steel wire display that was assembled by multiple U-shape wires.

This simple hanging system accentuated our 3D printed items that were packed in transparent ziplock packaging.



The samples for visitors to try on, touch and feel were displayed on a table.

This table was created by wrapping a white lycra fabric

over rounded containers placed over a rounded wooden plank that has been assembled in parts.

The intriguing surface, texture and overall supernatural look of this table display

had been very well received during the event.


We are very thankful and honored to be invited to be a part of this wonderful exhibition.

And we are very glad that we received many visitors during this event.

Thank you!