All Prices in MONOCIRCUS are fixed in Japanese Yen

and when an item is purchased, the amount charged is calculated based on its price in Japanese Yen.


When viewed in Other International Currencies,

the Prices displayed have been calculated based on the prevailing Exchange Rate of the day.


We encountered a systems problem with the Exchange Rate Calculating Function

and the Prices shown in Other International Currencies have NOT been up to date

and they appeared as inaccurate Amounts that appear much higher than

the Actual Amount in JPY that would have been charged for each Item.


We are very sorry that we were not aware of the problem sooner BUT we have RESOLVED the problem today 

and the Prices viewed in Other International Currencies are now up to date with the current Exchange Rate.

We apologise if there has been any inconvenience caused.


Please NOTE that eversince we started MONOCIRCUS.COM online store,

All Prices have been fixed in Japanese Yen

such that when an Order is placed in Other International Currencies,

the Total Amount charged is always calculated based on the Pricing in Japanese Yen.

Even when Prices in Other International Currencies appear as different numbers on different days,

the Price in JPY is always FIXED.


Thank you!

We hope you will continue to enjoy shopping with us!