Last summer, MONOCIRCUS participated in a 3D Fashion Accessory Challenge organized by Materialise,

an additive manufacturing software and solutions company based in Belgium.

For the competition, we sent out a few designs and out of which are the two hair combs designs shown here.

Both works were nominated and were exhibited as part of a fashion show

held at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo last summer.


Recently, we added these two items to our MONOCIRCUS catalog.

Kotori is a two-prong hair comb with a fan-like shape composed of a tessellated  arrangement of birds.

The intricate design looks lovely like lace. The design maintains a flavor of Japanese traditional hair combs,

yet exuberates a contemporary sensibility and uniqueness.

The original version of this item that entered the design competition was much larger

and we decided to create a more versatile size for our catalog. Click here to see in more details.

Kikoo is a large hair comb, elegantly arranged with chrysanthemum flowers and pine leaves- inspired design.

A beautiful head dress highly recommended for brides. Also lovely to be worn with Japanese kimonos.

For more information, click here.


Both hair combs shown here have limited stock.

In the case where stock is unavailable during your order,

please note that we will require about 4 weeks to deliver your order.

Do feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.