MONOCIRCUS' own series of STUCK pullovers for kids!
These fleece pullovers are imported from the United States and the patches of fabrics have been sewn on by our team.
These patches of fabrics are made in the same material as those typically used for stuffed plush toys. 
The little 'components' have velcro attached to their backs, which can be stuck onto these patches and are detachable so you can play around and vary their positions.
You can also choose to wear them without the 'components'.
For these hoodless pullovers, the MONOCIRCUS logo has been silkscreen printed on the shoulder area at the back of the pullovers.

The pullovers come in a single Size 3, for 2-3 year olds.
In this picture below, this little guy here is almost turning 4, and the size is just right!

The series comes in (A) a lighter ash grey with grey patches, and (B) mouse grey with black patches.
There are also the hooded series called the Toadie Hoodies as well!