This year's Summer has been one of the hottest.

Despite the heat, we hope you will still enjoy dressing up

for your dates, parties, shopping sprees, luncheons and gatherings!

Here are some items that we recommend for the season!


Here is our METAMETABALL stainless steel pendant & chain set.

and I tried pairing it with our BLOBB Sterling Silver ring.

Like blobs of water droplets, the two items goes great together

and they make a wonderful company for your summer outfit!


Our DRAGONFLY pendant is another highly recommended item. 

It is lightweight and 'feathery', a spirit-lifting item!

ROOP is a smart and stylish item to jazz up your dress for a dinner date or party!

Our BROOCHES are something you have to take a look too!

MIMOSAKIKU and WHIP are some of our very popular brooches.

They are lightweight and won't pull on your outfit

And they make you HAPPY!


Here I tried on the pieces with one of my very first dresses in Royal Blue!

It has been a refreshing experience putting on the variety of accessories.

We hope you will enjoy mixing and matching MONOCIRCUS' items with your favorite outfits!

Look great and have lots of wonderful memories this Summer with MONOCIRCUS!