As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this coming November, the year 2021 is a year of little first steps in various ways. In January we held our very first Lucky Bag campaign. And this month, we are holding our very first Pre-Order Sale!


Monocircus’ items, as you might already know, is individually 3D printed. We produce our creations based on the quantity that is relative to the amount of orders that we foresee to receive. In this manner, we seldom ever over-produce. This means there is least wastage and hence more ecological. However, we are not always able to foretell exactly what and how much the demand is. This is why in many cases, when a lot of orders come in unpredictably for certain items, customers are required to wait a week or two while we produce our stock. For items that has been on sale for years, we could somewhat tell how much would be in demand but for new creations, it is never possible to predict.


To date, whenever we have a New creation launched and uploaded for sale, we try to prepare a substantial quantity of stock before the launch. Monocircus launches approximately 1 new creation each month since we started our business. And now that we are heading into our 10th year, the overall number of variations of our work has grown quite very much. This increase in numbers is certainly something to celebrate about, but on one hand, the growing amount of stock has been rather difficult to manage.


So we are attempting this new step to hold a Pre-Order Sale a month before the actual launch of our New Creation. Customers are able to make orders of our New Creations during this Pre-Order Sale and have their items shipped 1 month later after the launch of the item. This allows us to determine our production quantity based on the rate of demand of the item.


There is one plus point benefit for our Pre-Order Sale that you might like to note!

For each order, customers are not only entitled to the usual 1% reward point added to their account, but we are giving away additional reward points for Pre-Order Sale items!

For this very first Pre-Order Sale of our new Cirrus Bangle, we are offering an additional 500 reward points! So do make use of this opportunity!

(The amount of additional reward points differ for different items.)