The 3D printed fashion accessories of Monocircus are primarily available in our official online store. However, during the 9 years since its beginning as a design studio, Monocircus has been a part of various market events within Japan to promote and sell our creations to the public. Almost once or twice each month, we are somewhere in different parts of Japan at an event, such as the Design Festa in Tokyo, the Handmade in Japan Fes in Tokyo , the Creema Craft Party in Osaka, the Minne Handmade Market in Saitama, the Creators’ Market in Nagoya or the Gogoku Shrine Market in Fukuoka. Large market events like these involves a huge number of creators coming together in a huge exhibition hall with their specialty creations. These events have been extremely popular in Japan, for the rare opportunity it provides to view, touch and interact with all the different creations and products, watch unique performances, as well as enjoy gourmet foods. A special feature to such events would also be to be able to communicate directly with the creators themselves about the work they do. It feels like a wonderland amusement park for the grownups.

As you might already know, Monocircus is founded and run by just two of us. So when it comes to manning our booth at such events, it would be just one of us. And to make things as cost and labor effective as possible, we usually use our little reusable booth display set-up which is handmade by us. The simple display set-up with detachable lighting, can be dissembled to become easily transportable. We try our best to save on costs by using budget transport and accommodations during our travels, while on the other hand, we make our best efforts to present an abundant and rich array of all the different varieties of our designs and have them hand-dyed in varied selection of colors.

It always feels so exciting to be a part of an event. Not only is it great to be able to meet our customers face to face but it is also a wonderful opportunity to make friends with fellow creators. No doubt it is quite an ordeal to be standing for long hours alone at a booth, but those hours feel so special and enjoyable. There are times when huge crowds come by all at once making it so overwhelmingly exciting, and other times the traffic gets slower allowing a little bit of spare time to visit fellow creators and chat. And there are times when customers who came to us before, come back again to visit, and what makes it so touching and significant is that these regular customers come wearing the monocircus items they bought! Nothing else makes it more worthwhile than to see your customers looking so happy and gorgeous wearing your creations!

Most market events that we have participated usually takes place for two consecutive days. Some customers may wish to make customized orders of certain designs and specific colors that are not available on site. We are always open to receive such orders and will usually get them done up after the event when we get back to our studio and then have the orders mailed out. Some customers have trouble deciding which items they should get and have us help them along to choose and even style for them. They tell us the occasion, relate to us about their hairstyles, outfits and through our conversations, which is always so fun, we go on to choose what could work best for them. Seeing them satisfied and so happy with their choices easily eradicates all the weariness from standing at the booth all day.

Since March 2020, due to Covid-19, all the major events were canceled. It has been most upsetting but it is for the good of everyone. We miss being out there at the events, and we are definitely looking forward to the time when we will see everyone again! And when that time comes, we will be more than eager to show and tell you about our fabulous range of 3D printed accessories!

Most of the events mentioned are held in Japan and information about these events are notified via our website, our monthly newsletter, as well as instagram and facebook, so if you happen to be in Japan, it would be wonderful if you could come by! And hopefully one day we could bring Monocircus near where you are!
Meanwhile, stay safe and be well!