Each and every piece of Monocircus’ fashion accessories has unique and outstanding shape and structure and each can be color-customized to match your distinctive style, so you can enjoy styling our items in your very own extraordinary way!

For many people, it is inevitable to go for safe options like black and white and neutral colors, but even if it is for just once in a while, it could be lots of fun to get adventurous with color exploration! Wearing colors not only makes you the wearer feel vitalized, but it also unknowingly creates a brighter and positive atmosphere for people around you! Color is infectious!

Coordinating colors with your wardrobe could be difficult, but with Monocircus’ accessories, you won’t get wrong with being a little more adventurous! That is because Monocircus’ items are matt in texture with their light and carefully designed unique structures and shapes, they don’t really ever get overly flashy or gaudy.

For instance, when BLUE is the main feature color of your outfit, it feels natural to tend to coordinate with blue or black accessories, which is never a wrong choice! But a distinctive accent with a fuchsia pink pair of earrings could certainly bring on a pretty glow to your face!

One way of exploring colors is to wear an accessories item of an opposite color, in other words, complementary color to the color of your outfit. Warm colored outfits could be played with cool blues or greens. And especially with neutral or monotone colored outfits, try playing with a bright yellow or red item! Carrying a small clutch bag or wearing a belt or pumps in the same one-point color with your earrings would most definitely further enhance the styling!

When wearing different colors on your tops and bottoms, we would recommend matching your accessories color with your bottoms! Picture yourself like you are within a composition of a ‘painting’. The composition is such that on the top would be the color of your earrings, followed by your blouse or shirt tops, then your belt or bag, following which would be your skirt or pants and finally your shoes. Think about creating blocks of colors and balancing these colors within the painting. In this manner, even with outstanding colors, it would seldom go wrong. And yes you will experience the fun with exploring colors!

More examples from the image above. The top left photograph of the green dress is coordinated here with the blue Knit earrings. This could go very nicely with a similar blue pair of shoes!
And with the bottom left photograph, the red belt accent is further enhanced with the dainty red pair of Ruffle earrings, and if these could get even more lovely if we add a little red clutch bag to the set-up! And with the casual brown and grey for the photograph on the right bottom, we would suggest a complementary bright BLUE to let the neutral outfit shine!

Within our Monocircus.com online store, our accessories design are featured with a limited selection of colors, but it is possible to order the items in other colors of your choice! Simply place orders for the white or black options of the design you desire, then leave us a comment when you are checking out. Write your comment to tell us your preferred color in the comment column that shows up just below the shipping options. A color sample link is available in the product page where you can see the basic selection of colors. But if the color you desire is not seen in this selection list, simply let us know the HTML color code of your desired color. We will try our best to dye the item to your specification. When we receive your order, we will usually send you a personal email to re-confirm the color your have specified. If you forgot to leave us a comment, you can also send us an email or contact us through our contact page to tell us about your color specification.

All colors are hand-mixed and hand-dyed. Please understand that there might be slight differences in how the color appear on the item in comparison to the color seen on the screen of your device. Color Dyeing procedures require about 1 to 2 days. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.