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Made-to-Order Paintings, now open for orders

Running MONOCIRCUS jointly with me is my partner, Lim Shing Ee, a.k.a. Shing,

who is a painter/artist backed by numerous exhibitions in various countries.

Shing has been consistently creating paintings, drawings, sculptural objects as well as

installations and public art over the last 15 years.

Over the years, Shing has also been painting art works as requested by friends and aquaintances.

Now as one of the many works of MONOCIRCUS, we are specially offering Everyone out there,

this opportunity to purchase a Made-To-Order Painting by Shing.


What are your thoughts about purchasing an artwork?

A typical case could be to 'search' the art market for a work that best suits your taste as well as

the space where the work is to be displayed? And if and when the 'ideal' artwork is ever to be found,

it could have most likely been overly costly, posing more difficulties over the deciding upon whether or not

to make the purchase.


We have been trying to think up a way which will let you love the artwork you own,

a way to induce a better sense of affinity and attachment between you and the artwork you own.

The thought led us upon this idea of Made-To-Order Paintings.


Paintings or artworks have a diversity of genre and style.

Shing's work takes on a semi-figurative reinterpretation of daily encounters and emotions.


A feature to note about our Made-To-Order Painting, despite being called 'Made-To-Order',

is that the resultant Painting is entirely planned and created by the artist.

You, who is going to own this painting, will be asked to answer a series of 'hint' questions

that will help us understand and know you better.

Base on these hints, Shing will construct the visual foundation and structures and

develop a pictorial story meant for just you!


A painting will require 1 to a few months to complete.

Upon requests, you may also request to be notified at various work-in-progress stages.

We hope in the process, you will enjoy and appreciate this 'sharing' and 'collaborating'

in the making process of YOUR painting.


A classical painting, displayed in a museum or gallery,

belonged to a specific owner at a specific period of time and had a specific creator.

You are the owner in this loop and we want you to be a part of this creative process.


Paintings, unlike other visual graphic works, have an intriguing ability to metaphorically

piece together our everyday memories and emotions.

Painting also seems to have the power to transform itself with time and circumstance.

Looking at a painting over again at different pinpoints of Time, seems to evoke different sensations

and spark new discoveries.


Do take some time to have a look at Shing's profile and her past works.


If you are interested in having us create a painting for you, please proceed to this Order Form.


And if you have any queries at all, even the littlest query, please feel free to drop us a line with this Contact Form.


Our work at a Train Station in Singapore

One of our commissioned art work has just recently been opened to public at the Telok Ayer MRT Station, 

a subway station in Singapore's Downtown Line.

Our January Newsletter Issue featured a little about this project

and here are more detailed photo documentation of the work.

(Photos by Leo Ong and Claire Lim, our dear friends in Singapore)

The artworks along the two parallel walls extending the length of the concourse area of the station

upon entering the gantry mark the main component of the project.

The imageries, inspired by imaginary, natural and man-made landscape are produced

on etched panels of Polyvision Ceramic Steel.

Another eye-catching feature of the artwork are the cladded pillars at the central area of the concourse.

The idea is to physically respond to the architectural structures of the space.

Reminiscent of pebbles and boulders in rivers, the three central pillars are cladded in a chocolate brown rounded form.

The original intention was to have a nice seamless round surface.

But because of technical requirements and restrictions, the cladding had to be split into sections.

Another feature that we hope to note are the floor tiles.

Each boulder-like pillar has a 'SHADOW' on the floor created by dark and textured tiles.

The original intention was to have deeper colored tiles but nonetheless the resultant tiles still look good.

Part of the shadow of the central pillar extends towards the void of the escalators.

And the extended shadows form another art work on the edge of the wall visible when going up or down the escalators.

Other than the main shadows of the pillars, there are multiple spots of varied colored tiles on the floor

that are planned and designed based on the general layout of the space as well as the traffic flow of commuters.

This is one of the largest scaled projects that we have ever gotten involved in.

The project is credited to me (Lim Shing Ee) but do allow me to credit my partner,

Kazunori Takeishi who has played a big part in the project as well.

And also, we have to thank the team of professionals and architects for their great effort in this project.


monocircus' atelier page now features more works of art that were made in the past.
there are installations, drawings and paintings that we hope you will enjoy browsing.
we will be uploading more information every now and then
so we hope you will drop by, visit us at MONOCIRCUS and check out our latest updates.


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