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Dutch Design Competition USA 2014

Kazunori Takeishi of MONOCIRCUS recently submitted a design for the Dutch Design Competition USA 2014,

and the design was selected as one of the TOP 14 designs out of more than 180 submissions.


For this competition, artists and designers were asked to think of inventive, quirky, and smart ideas

for a new giveaway to be distributed in the US.

Ideas needed to be inspired by Dutch Design and represent the Netherlands in the US.

It also needed to fit the catalogue of Kikkerland, a Dutch design store.


The 14 selected designs will be 3D printed by Shapeways and

will be exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City until April 20th 2014.


Kazu's entry is entitled 'WINDY', a cellophane tape dispenser in the form of the well-known symbol of Hollland, the windmill, 

which has mobile blades that actually rotates when tape is dispensed!


To win the grand prize, apart from the assessment by the jury members, online votes by the public will also affect the result.

For more information, check out the website here.

ERIMAK our entry to RAPID 3D Fashion Show event

this is ERIMAK.

our entry that came in TOP 20 for the 3D fashion accessories contest organized by RAPID, an organization for additive manufacturing solutions. 

the selected design has been fabricated in white flexible plastic 
using the latest 3D printing techniques by Materialise, and was featured on the runway at a Fashion Show
sponsored by Materialise, held on May 22 in Atlanta, Georgia.

the photo below was documented at the event party right after the Fashion Show.
the hat is a work by a famous designer and on the shoulder is Monocircus' ERIMAK. 

photo by Robb D. Cohen


after the Fashion Show event, the organizers sent the completed work to each designer.
and here it is with us now, the one and only ERIMAK.

here are a few ways ERIMAK could be worn and there are more ways I am sure it can be worn and explored!

3D FABulous Fashion Show at RAPID

We are very pleased to announce that our recent 3D design for a fashion accessory
submitted for an international competition organized by RAPID, an organization for additive manufacturing solutions,
has been selected as one of the TOP 20 entries!

Our entry, entitled ERIMAK, will be presented in a Fashion Show sponsored by Materialise,
a Leading additive manufacturing company based in Leuven, Belgium.
The event will be held on May 22 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The selected entries have been printed by the latest 3D printing techniques by Materialise and
will be presented at the Fashion Show.
After the event, the printed objects will be presented to the designers.

So keep a lookout for our newspost as we will be putting up images of our entry once we received our ERIMAK!

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