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new items : KAKEN BAGS


Kaeken's new series of bags are not to be missed!

Shoulder bags in classic striped canvas and leather straps,
and lovely floral and fauna printed bags and pouches too.

We love the simple and no-frill design of Kaeken
and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

They are carefully sewn by the Singaporean artist,
a hardworking and highly skilled sculptor and creator,
who started Kaeken a few years back and has been working on bags, accessories and art
eversince we got to know her. 

Click on the images above and it will take you to our online catalog of kaeken items.

new items : KAEKEN bags


New KAEKEN bags have just been uploaded!
Don't miss them!

KAEKEN bags, created by a Singaporean artist-friend, are simple in design, carefully sewn up with stylish composition of specially selected fabrics.
They make great companions for any kind of occasion and outfits not just for the ladies but for the guys as well. 
Click on the image above and it will take you to our KAEKEN collection.

recommended: METAL CLASP BAGS

two-way metal clasp bags produced by MONOCIRCUS.
comes in three variations: striped, orange canvas and grey canvas.
each has a plush patchwork sewn on and comes with a stainless steel metal chain. 
you can carry it like a chic clutch bag or as a shoulder bag.
they are 25 cm wide, great for luncheon or cocktail parties or any smart casual occasions.

stylish and unique. there is nothing like this elsewhere!

new items have been uploaded

this new year festive period, MONOCIRCUS has some new items uploaded. 
rings, brooches,t-shirts, as well as bags from kaeken. Be sure to check them out! 

3D printed ring, "ROW" the white version and "ROB" the black version.

original metal clasp bags in stripes, orange and grey variations.

brooches in various designs.

4 Item(s)