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August' New Items!

We have just launched our new items of August!

This month, the eye-catcher is this pretty lace-like brooch KNIT!

The design is of the same concept as our KNIT BANGLE and KNIT EARRINGS.

Intricate and real pretty!



Check out the rest of our new items, plus some really exciting news on our August Newsletter!

Click HERE!

Summer's Recommended Items

This year's Summer has been one of the hottest.

Despite the heat, we hope you will still enjoy dressing up

for your dates, parties, shopping sprees, luncheons and gatherings!

Here are some items that we recommend for the season!


Here is our METAMETABALL stainless steel pendant & chain set.

and I tried pairing it with our BLOBB Sterling Silver ring.

Like blobs of water droplets, the two items goes great together

and they make a wonderful company for your summer outfit!


Our DRAGONFLY pendant is another highly recommended item. 

It is lightweight and 'feathery', a spirit-lifting item!

ROOP is a smart and stylish item to jazz up your dress for a dinner date or party!

Our BROOCHES are something you have to take a look too!

MIMOSAKIKU and WHIP are some of our very popular brooches.

They are lightweight and won't pull on your outfit

And they make you HAPPY!


Here I tried on the pieces with one of my very first dresses in Royal Blue!

It has been a refreshing experience putting on the variety of accessories.

We hope you will enjoy mixing and matching MONOCIRCUS' items with your favorite outfits!

Look great and have lots of wonderful memories this Summer with MONOCIRCUS!

for MOM


MONOCIRCUS' original 3D printed brooches make ideal gifts

for MOM!

They are not pearls,

they are not jewels,

but they are designed with a care and love for nature and for art

and fabricated with a technology that is full of wonders and surprises.


Tell her how much you appreciate and love her

with these tender little objects.


All Monocircus' items are gift wrapped and attached with a little card.

Just click on the image above and it will take you to our catalog.

Happy Mother's Day!

April's Springing New Items!



We have just released our April Newsletter.

This month, we have a few new necklaces and brooch to present to you,

plus a new and original Kids' T-shirt!

Check out the newsletter by clicking here

and you also MUST see more about the lovely new items shown here by clicking on the above images!


new items for February

we have just sent out our February newsletter, featuring our latest items.

this month, we have just a few little new arrivals and a few pretty good news about monocircus.

click on the image above to see our newsletter!

and if you have not yet gotten registered with our monthly newsletter, we hope you will now... at the link below!

enjoy shopping!

and do drop us a line any time at [email protected] with your enquiries or comments.

new items: ANEMONE


Anemone, as the name implies, is inspired by creatures and plants in the ocean.

It is a brooch made in glow in the dark plastic with Monocircus' own little 3D printing machine.

It looks like a flower, a little gathering of fishes,
and when it glows in the dark, it reminds us of fireworks! 

Wear it on a jacket or blouse or even a t-shirt, like you would do with a corsage,
or you may like to put it on a scarf.
Anemone is a simple yet unique item that is versatile and easy to match
with a variety of styles, occasions and types of outfit.

There is a suggestion to have this item on the belt of the Japanese kimono as well! 

WHIP is now in stock!

WHIP has been out of stock for a while 
But now we have gotten more of them in stock!

WHIP is an original Monocircus design created on a 3 dimensional modelling software
and the data is sent to a 3D printing facility in Holland to be printed in strong white plastic.

We love this item cos it is simple yet intricate and totally unique.
Something that is easy to match with different styles of outfit.
WHIP makes a wonderful gift! 

new items : whip brooch

We have just uploaded a new Brooch called Whip!

the form is composed of little circles joined together to form a hollow bun shape.
the intricate design is modelled on a 3D software and then sent over to Holland to be fabricated by 3D printing process
in strong white plastic.

do check it out by clicking on the picture above!

3D Printing Test : Lotus

this is a test item we made recently with Glow-in-the-Dark plastic.

as the name implies, the idea for the design came about from a lotus root.
and yes, this item glows in the dark!
we intend to make this into a brooch and get it up in our store soon.
do keep a look out for it! 

3D Printing Test : Ninjin


this is a test item we made with our 3D printing machine.
yes you are right! it is a CARROT!

came upon the idea when I was cutting carrots to make soup!
thought it would be a fun and quirky item to have as a brooch.
from an idea that popped out of a very ordinary and mundane activity to an out-of-this-world sort of whimsical object.
creating is FUN. 

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