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Rate and Review our Items

At the bottom of each product catalog and newspost, we now have a rate, review and comment column
and we are hoping you could leave your thoughts and rate our items, and tell us what you think about our newsposts.

Your comments will not only enable other customers to get to know the items better,
but will also be very valuable for us to stay connected,
allow us to gain a better perspective and encourage us to work for it and improve our future creations.

We truly hope you will drop by and leave us your little notes about our items.
And if you do not wish for your comments to show up publicly in our storefront, then email us your thoughts at [email protected]
We will be really glad to hear from you. 

Please note that after you have written and submitted your comments and reviews, they will not show up immediately in the storefront. It will take a day or two before they will appear. Irrelevant comments will be sieved out.

Thank you and hope you have a good day... everyday!


MONOCIRCUS is now accessible through Smart Phone!

You will be able to search for products, access and edit your customer accounts
and of course shop and purchase our items!
NOTE: Direct Payments by Credit Card is not available through this mobile service.
For Credit Card Payments, please pay via PayPal website as a PayPal Guest. A PayPal Account is not required in this way.
Direct Payments by Credit Card is now available through this mobile service.(Feb 02 2012)
You will be able to view our product images on your smart phones by sliding the scroll from side to side.
To switch your browser to our desktop site, to preferred language, currencies, please click on the footer at the bottom of the page.
We hope you will enjoy shopping with us even while you are on the move!

Payment Methods

At MONOCIRCUS, we provide 3 types of Payment Options, namely:
Payment via Credit Card, Payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer Payment.

When you select to pay by Card or Paypal account, you will be guided to the following screen as shown below.

For Payments via PayPal account, click the 'Pay with PayPal' button and you will be led to the PayPal page, where you will need to log in to your PayPal account to complete the payment.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you will be required to create a new account with PayPal.

For Payments via Credit Card, after you have filled in your 'Credit card number', 'Expiration Date' and the 'CSC' code, click the 'Pay Now' button below and please wait till you are led to the page that tells you your payment is complete.  
NOTE: Please do not close your browser until it says that your payment is complete.

how to register an account...

Registering an account with MONOCIRCUS makes it easier on your shopping experience at our store. You will no longer be required to type in your shipping address information again from your next shopping trip so checking out your cart items requires just a few clicks!
Here's how to register:

1.  Click on 'My Account' at the top page.

2.  Click 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' under the NEW CUSTOMERS column.

3.  Fill in your Name, Email Address and the Password of your choice twice in the space provided.

4.  Lastly, type in the two words you see with a SPACE inbetween each word.

5.  Click 'SUBMIT'.

6.  You will receive a notification email saying your account is confirmed.

7.  In the email sent to you, click on the link provided and this will complete your registration process. 
     and you will be able to log in to your account afterwhich.


Upon registering your account with MONOCIRCUS, you will be able to do the following:

To change your information such as your email and password
View and verify your recent orders
Register and change billing and shipping information 
Save your wishlist and product reviews

We hope you have many pleasant experiences with shopping at MONOCIRCUS.


4 Item(s)