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Featured in Web Designing Magazine!

Monocircus is being featured in a Japanese design magazine, Web Designing, published by Mynavi,

in its article entitled 'Digital Fabrication, FAB Guide', about various designers who are creating products using digital technology.

The magazine introduces the latest trends, projects, news and information about Web Design.

This February 2014 issue is noteworthy for its feature article regarding hints on designing with Wordpress,

as well as the feature on designing and creating with digital technologies of 3D printing and laser fabrication.


The little article that was written about Monocircus is shown below.

A simple introduction about Monocircus and what we do.

What makes us very happy is the last sentence :

"The great thing [about Monocircus] is not just about the high quality of its products,

but also how the creative team itself creates, designs, produces and

even personally liaise with its customers all on its own."


Featured in Book about 3D printers

featured in 3D printer book

MONOCIRCUS is being featured in a recently published book about getting to know 3D printers'

by Japanese publishing company, Yosensha MOOK.


The book features the various selection of 3D printers in the market as well as

information about 3D printing services, online market places, designers and details about 3D printing technology.


When we started MONOCIRCUS, we didn't expect 3D printing to become such a hype around the world. 

We were curious and we were very much into the idea of creating new ideas and designs.

3D printing technology was a method we thought would be good for our creative process for its flexibility of fabrication

without mass production.

It has been amazing and surprising how 3D printing technology itself has been such a popular topic.

The few publications where we got featured in were totally unplanned.

We didn't know how and didn't have the time to actually market what we do, though we know we ought to...

And even though we were not doing our own marketing,

we received emails from the editors, they emailed or called us for answers to questions, we emailed them images, 

and a few weeks later, here we are... really happy and very thankful to receive the printed publication!

Featured on NIKKEI DESIGN!


Monocircus has been featured on NIKKEI DESIGN magazine on its special edition about 3D printing.

NIKKEI DESIGN is a well-styled magazine in Japan that targets at professional designers and creators

in the creative industry.

We received an unexpected email from a writer of NIKKEI DESIGN one day and was asked to do an interview

which turned out to be a casual chit-chat about how we started MONOCIRCUS and the way we create our work.

It has been a pleasure and we are really honored to be featured in the magazine!

Featured in MdN Design & Graphic !

mag cover


MONOCIRCUS' 3D printed work has been featured in the September issue of MdN Design & Graphic magazine!

MdN Design & Graphic is a well-known magazine in Japan especially in the design industry

and we are very honored and happy that MONOCIRCUS is featured over 2 pages in the magazine!


mag page

Featured and On Sale at FABNEO.COM


FABNEO, a Berlin based online boutique for specially curated collection of 3D printed accessories and homeware

has just included MONOCIRCUS in their list of well-known 3D artists and designers around the world !

It is a great privilege for us to be featured alongside internationally known 3D artists and designers

chosen by the founder of FABNEO, Mr. Ralph Schechterle himself.

Do check out the website, and see the beautiful works presented on the boutique.

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