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Featured in Zexy Premier magazine

MONOCIRCUS's Kikoo Hair piece is being featured in the latest Vol. 4 of ZEXY PREMIER

a popular Japanese magazine for brides & grooms-to-be

with concise and up-to-date information, news and everything you need to know to prepare for your wedding.

The magazine feature resulted from an unexpected email from the editor.

We were asked to send over a sample item of Kikoo where it got photographed for this feature.

We are very honored and thankful for this opportunity.

Hopefully in the very near future,

we will be able to have one of our items being worn and coordinated in magazine shoot!

Dutch Design Competition USA 2014

Kazunori Takeishi of MONOCIRCUS recently submitted a design for the Dutch Design Competition USA 2014,

and the design was selected as one of the TOP 14 designs out of more than 180 submissions.


For this competition, artists and designers were asked to think of inventive, quirky, and smart ideas

for a new giveaway to be distributed in the US.

Ideas needed to be inspired by Dutch Design and represent the Netherlands in the US.

It also needed to fit the catalogue of Kikkerland, a Dutch design store.


The 14 selected designs will be 3D printed by Shapeways and

will be exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City until April 20th 2014.


Kazu's entry is entitled 'WINDY', a cellophane tape dispenser in the form of the well-known symbol of Hollland, the windmill, 

which has mobile blades that actually rotates when tape is dispensed!


To win the grand prize, apart from the assessment by the jury members, online votes by the public will also affect the result.

For more information, check out the website here.

ARTNEXUS at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo


MONOCIRCUS will have its creations exhibited at the ARTNEXUS art x architecture x digital exhibition 

on the 8th level of the SHIBUYA HIKARIE just above the Shibuya subway station in Tokyo 

from this coming Wednesday, 2nd April 2014 till Sunday, 13th April 2014.

The exhibition features a multiplicity of works of art, photography, architecture and multimedia

by a selection of international renown artists and architects

And amidst this amazing selection of participants, 

MONOCIRCUS is priviledged to be invited to participate in the event

with an exhibition of our series of wearable 'art objects'

for this limited period at this prestigious event.

On the opening day, 2nd April 2014 from 6PM,

Kazunori Takeishi, founder of MONOCIRCUS, will also be presenting an artist talk

about our past works and creative journey, as well as how we came to starting MONOCIRCUS.

This session will be accompanied by an introductory presentation about 3D printing technology

by Mr. Kobayashi from Materialize Japan.

It is going to be a wonderful and a rather rare occasion too to see and touch our creations 

as well as hear about how they are actually being produced!

So do drop by and look out for us!

We will be there at the event on the opening day!

Event at Osaka Hankyu Department Store


MONOCIRCUS will be presenting some of our creations in an event, FASHION MEETS DIGITAL,

at the Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan from February 26th till March 4th, 2014.


The event features fashion related products created by the latest digital technology

such as digitally printed fabrics and accessories and 3D printed products.

There are also interactive activities that enable guests to experience Virtual Fitting technology and Digital Fashion Analysis!


We created a new series of packaging for our items for this event,

with transparent ziplock bags printed with our MONOCIRCUS logo on the back.

The items are packed in such a way that they look like they are floating in the bag.

We are excited to see how they are going to look when they are put up in the  wall panel

that has been specially made for the exhibition!


MONOCIRCUS will have more than 35 different series of our creations put on sale at the event. 

You not only get to see the items and hold them in your hand, but you are free to try them on too!

I will be there on the opening day of February 26th to greet our guests!

so do drop by if you happen to be in Osaka!


Once the event has opened, we will be posting a report to show you how the event actually looks.


More information are being uploaded on our FACEBOOK page

so do drop by there too!

Tokyo Designers Week 2013


From October 26th, MONOCIRCUS is going to be exhibiting at TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013 !

Our 3D printed creations are going to be exhibited in a small booth at the DESIGN NEXT tent exhibition.

You will be able to touch and feel and even put on our items

as well as have a chat with us personally!

We hope you will drop by this magnificent event where you will get to see

 some of the most fascinating design work from around the world!


Event schedule: 26th October to 4th November, 11AM to 9PM (till 8PM on the last day)

Venue: Meiji Jingu Gaien 

For details about the venue, click here.


MONOCIRCUS' booth will be within the Design Next Tent at No.11,

on the left side of the tent from the entrance, near the MOMA design store!

For details about where we are going to be, click here!

BOW TIE is featured on DESIGNBOOM!

Our latest BOW TIE creation has just been featured on DESIGNBOOM


We are so ecstatic about this

as we have been keen followers of DESIGNBOOM,

the well known online publication featuring latest architecture and design news.

We just made a submission of our item, not knowing how it will go

and beyond our expectations, our item is now being featured on the front page!!! hurray!

KBC news feature

As a feature of the market event we were involved in at Iwataya, Fukuoka organized by handmade online mall, 'minne',

the KBC news crew recently visited our home and studio to film us and our little 3D printer.

and they featured us in their evening news program at 6.40pm Tokyo time on May 13, 2013.

We are a little shy about showing this but we thought it might be interesting for some of you

to see the environment we work in.

Below are some of the screen shots we took of the news program on TV. 


we were featured as a family!

I was saying how online business is just right for us

cos we could work on our creations and our sales while being at home and caring for our boys.


our creations were beautifully filmed and featured, thanks to the wonderful camera man.

our little 3D printer was filmed in the midst of printing a simple lotus item.

this was our set up at the department store, Iwataya.

it has been a little embarrassing to show ourselves and our private living and working environment 

with such close-up shots on screen.

but we are really happy that we got chosen for the feature as it goes to show that our creations have been well received.

it has been an interesting experience and we are really thankful for it.


a dream that we are working towards right now is

to find a bigger place where we could live and work.

to have a nice little studio space as well as a space 

where we could showcase our work, do workshops

and have friends and fans and customers over to see our work and how we work.

a space which we could be open about and feel less constraint and shy about. *wink

Exhibition at Daikanyama T-Site Gallery

A few of MONOCIRCUS' creations will be exhibited with 'd-Creators' at Daikanyama T-Site Gallery in Tokyo from Tomorrow,

May 24 till May 26. 

The event is organized by NTT Docomo, a major Japanese mobile phone company.

Visitors to the gallery will see the actual items on display

and to purchase, they will go online with their mobile phones and place their orders.

The new Daikanyama T-site Gallery is a beautiful gallery space located at a stylish popular area of Daikanyama

around Meguro in Tokyo.

We are very happy and thankful that NTT Docomo gave us this opportunity to get shown at this event!

Feature on KBC TV tomorrow evening!

MONOCIRCUS is going to be featured on Kyushu Asahi News program on TV tomorrow evening!


In promotion of the market event organised by 'minne' held at IWATAYA, departmental store in Fukuoka City,

KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co.) did an interview and film shooting with us at our little home and studio a week ago

and the interview will be featured in their news program on television at 6:30PM Tokyo time tomorrow, 14 May 2013!


The feature is mainly about the use of 3D printing technology in the making of our works

as well as the market event at IWATAYA which is currently ongoing until 21 May 2013. 


We are so excited about the feature on TV but also a little nervous and embarrassed 

as it is going to be the first time we will be seen talking about our work on TV with our tensed and unnatural expression!

Hope we are going to look okay ... fingers crossed,

and hope that the feature is going to bring us more visitors and patrons!


Featured on AFRO FUKUOKA!


Some time ago, on our facebook page, we announced being featured

in a free magazine called AFRO FUKUOKA in their 'ATTEMINNE' column.


Today, we received the actual published magazine!

AFRO FUKUOKA is a free magazine that is distributed in Fukuoka, Japan.

We were approached and asked to be interviewed and

about two months ago, we went to the organizer's office as a family 

and got interviewed and photo-shot! It was a lot of fun and the boys really enjoyed themselves!

We hope that the publication will bring in more viewership and customers to MONOCIRCUS!


Special thanks to Abe-san and Shin-san from paperboy & co. for the opportunity,

not forgetting Kawazaki-san and Noda-san from buzzhook inc. for the photography and interview!

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