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Commissioned Paintings

Recently we received a commissioned project that involves creating 6 large panels of oil paintings.

So it has been a rather busy few weeks, buzzing with activity in the studio.

It has been a tough but really enjoyable time!

The 6 panels, each over a meter tall, are meant to be in pairs, meaning 3 sets of 2 panels.
Each painting is done in such a way that the motif adjacent in the painting next to it matches and merges.
In this way, all 6 panels are like puzzle pieces that can be mixed and matched and displayed together. 

The theme for this batch of paintings is based on imaginary forms in the microcosmic world.
Like little spores or air particles, or little nucleas, cells or organs in the body. 


Inspiration: Doodles

Doodles children make are amazing. so free and full of imagination, so out of the world and yet so realistic.
We are always so amused and inspired by the stuff that our kids do and create. They try to imitate what the adults do but they do it with so much more dynamism and freedom. And the results are always full of magic!

We have been hoping to come up with a series of new items based on inspirations we get from our children.
and we are still in the midst of exploring and experimenting. Hopefully soon, we will be able to present them to you.

Meanwhile, to all our dear children in the world, continue to have fun! 

Monocircus' little Helpers



an introduction of Monocircus' precious little Helpers...

top left: our very own ultimaker 3D printing robot who has been helping us create some of our unique accessory series.
the little nozel above the platform produces melted plastic that is layered to form the various shapes
that we input into our computer.

top right: my personal assistant. NOTE BOOK!
this is a sample we created and it has been helping me jot my ideas and sketches like a treasure map!
we will be launching this series of notebook in our online store very soon! do look out for it.

bottom left: our stationery organizer... a biscuit tin can that holds our pens, scissors and rulers
and whatever there is we uses all so often.
but the stuff inside this can always gets stolen or spoiled by the kids...
but it has been a faithful keeper of our lots of stationery.

bottom right: my personal seamstress.
this green dotted sewing machine has been a faithful companion for the last ten over years!
a little dirty and messed up but still a hard worker! 
it has been moved quite a lot of times eversince!
from my university art studio in Japan to Singapore then back to Japan again! 

Thanks a lot to our little helpers here.
we hope to create more wonderful things with all of you! 

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