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rene brooch white

rene brooch white

The simple yet elegant line design

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New Work, Dahlia Earrings

New Work, Dahlia Earrings

This is our new earring creation inspired by the Dahlia flower.

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New Work, Little Mimosa Earrings

New Work, Little Mimosa Earrings

May's new work is a delicate earring item inspired by tiny plants.

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Showcasing our New Work, Tsuru brooch+hair comb

Showcasing our New Work, Tsuru brooch+hair comb

Our most recent creation, Tsuru brooch has just been complete.

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new item: CUBE Pen Stand for the Meticulous


This month, we have a New and Highly Recommended item!

CUBE - Pen Stand for the Meticulous

An intriguing pen holder that is lightweight, stylish and beautiful as a sculptural artwork,

yet enables your stationery to be neatly and meticulously arranged!

A simple cube structure

composed with lines criss crossing at higher density at the central area than the outer surface.

This linework creates a visual effect that emphasizes its 3 dimensionality,

as well as, its lightness and 'translucency' much like a cloud or smoke.

When you place a pen or pencil into the CUBE - Pen Stand for the Meticulous,

each pen or pencil stands upright in each slot and each looks as if it is floating in a cubic 'cloud'!

We highly recommend this item for the guy or lady who loves and treasures his/her stationery!

September's New Item

The NEW item to be noted this September is POCKET SQUARE.

a 3D printed pocket square made in nylon plastic.

A unique item that will sharpen up your suit or tuxedo

and it doubles up as a business card case!

This is another one of our original idea.

An idea that might seem rather odd,

but it is something that we do... 

re-looking at the things we see around us with a new, fresh and almost naive perspective.

Re-thinking about how we might be able to create something new.

It is a constant activity that we do. 

It is like our idea of 'play' that we more often than not become overly serious that

we ultimately make it for real.


This month's newsletter has just been released. 

Please see it in this link!

August' New Items!

We have just launched our new items of August!

This month, the eye-catcher is this pretty lace-like brooch KNIT!

The design is of the same concept as our KNIT BANGLE and KNIT EARRINGS.

Intricate and real pretty!



Check out the rest of our new items, plus some really exciting news on our August Newsletter!

Click HERE!

July's NEW earrings!


We have just released our July newsletter featuring some of our new BLACK items.

Here are our latest 3D printed earring creations.

Intricate and lightweight, they are pretty and easy to put on!

comes with a selection of screw adjustable clip-ons as well as ear hooks or ear posts.

The basic colors allows various ways of mixing and matching with your outfits,

for casual occasions or for formal parties and luncheons.


BOW TIE is featured on DESIGNBOOM!

Our latest BOW TIE creation has just been featured on DESIGNBOOM


We are so ecstatic about this

as we have been keen followers of DESIGNBOOM,

the well known online publication featuring latest architecture and design news.

We just made a submission of our item, not knowing how it will go

and beyond our expectations, our item is now being featured on the front page!!! hurray!

April's Springing New Items!



We have just released our April Newsletter.

This month, we have a few new necklaces and brooch to present to you,

plus a new and original Kids' T-shirt!

Check out the newsletter by clicking here

and you also MUST see more about the lovely new items shown here by clicking on the above images!


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