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3D printed Accessories in stunning colors for the Lunar New Year!

3D printed Accessories in stunning colors for the Lunar New Year!

The New Year on the Lunar calendar starts from February 19th.
This Lunar New Year's day marks the special day of big celebrations for Chinese community
in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia,
with vibrantly colored decorations of homes and streets with everyone dressed in their best in pretty colors.
Of all colors, Red is known to be a most popular color for its representation of Prosperity.

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Introducing a New Work: Letter Business Card Case

Introducing a New Work: Letter Business Card Case

Here's to introduce our New Work, 'Letter' Business Card Case, scheduled to be launched on the 1st February 2015. A simple and sleek card case that looks good and is easy to use.

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3D Printed Accessories as Christmas Gifts!

3D Printed Accessories as Christmas Gifts!

Each year when Mid November arrives, Christmas tunes and bells starts ringing around town.

From different corners of the world people would begin doing their Christmas shopping

for gifts to be given to their special friends and loved ones.

'What to get for Christmas?' would be one of those inevitable questions at such a time!


Here, we hope you will let us make a suggestion of a few of our many original items

that might be perfect as a Christmas gift for that special someone!

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recommended items in GOLD!

recommended items in GOLD!

Here's to share with you some of our favorite GOLD items for the season!

Most of the items in MONOCIRCUS that have been getting center stage attention
are those 3D printed in nylon plastic.
We would like to share with you some of the items that are just as worthy of your attention...
Items that are totally uniquely MONOCIRCUS', 
beautiful and GLEAMING!

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MONOCIRCUS now has a brand new page!

WEARING MONOCIRCUS is a photo review gallery of snapshots contributed by guests, friends and customers

from all over the world, wearing our items in their various fashion styles. 

We are slowly building up this portfolio of snapshots and

it is wonderful to see how MONOCIRCUS' items are being worn and enjoyed in so many different ways!

'WEARING MONOCIRCUS' enables first-time visitors to get a clearer perspective of our items.

It also creates a sense of a MONOCIRCUS' community,

making our customers and guests feel more at ease and fun shopping.

And it is a terrific opportunity too for us to learn from these snapshot collection and get inspired for new ideas.


We hope you can help us by submitting your Review!

Click and go to Review Form where you can upload your snapshots and send us your comments.

Selected  photos will be presented and comments translated to be featured on both Japanese and English pages.


If your review gets selected to be featured in 'WEARING MONOCIRCUS', 

you will be notified and presented with a 5% discount coupon for your next shopping experience at MONOCIRCUS.

We look forward to your contribution!

Summer's Recommended Items

This year's Summer has been one of the hottest.

Despite the heat, we hope you will still enjoy dressing up

for your dates, parties, shopping sprees, luncheons and gatherings!

Here are some items that we recommend for the season!


Here is our METAMETABALL stainless steel pendant & chain set.

and I tried pairing it with our BLOBB Sterling Silver ring.

Like blobs of water droplets, the two items goes great together

and they make a wonderful company for your summer outfit!


Our DRAGONFLY pendant is another highly recommended item. 

It is lightweight and 'feathery', a spirit-lifting item!

ROOP is a smart and stylish item to jazz up your dress for a dinner date or party!

Our BROOCHES are something you have to take a look too!

MIMOSAKIKU and WHIP are some of our very popular brooches.

They are lightweight and won't pull on your outfit

And they make you HAPPY!


Here I tried on the pieces with one of my very first dresses in Royal Blue!

It has been a refreshing experience putting on the variety of accessories.

We hope you will enjoy mixing and matching MONOCIRCUS' items with your favorite outfits!

Look great and have lots of wonderful memories this Summer with MONOCIRCUS!

for MOM


MONOCIRCUS' original 3D printed brooches make ideal gifts

for MOM!

They are not pearls,

they are not jewels,

but they are designed with a care and love for nature and for art

and fabricated with a technology that is full of wonders and surprises.


Tell her how much you appreciate and love her

with these tender little objects.


All Monocircus' items are gift wrapped and attached with a little card.

Just click on the image above and it will take you to our catalog.

Happy Mother's Day!




Recommending our original Metametaball stainless steel pendant and chain.

This item is a development from our metaball series which has become one of Monocircus' signature designs.

Metametaball is fabricated by a professional jewelry maker who has been our trusted partner for their high quality and intricacy.

This item though made in stainless steel, is beautifully polished so each piece look just as great if not prettier than silver.
And being stainless steel, there is no worries about the color changing.
The pendant is created such that it is hollow on the inside, so it is light in weight.
The bead chain is only 2mm in thickness so it looks very intricate and elegant.

If you think you would like the chain to be a specific length of your preference,
feel free to send us an email or leave a comment when you place your order.
We will be able to custom make the chain to your desired length.

A versatile item that goes with a variety of occasions, casual or formal. 


recommended: DIA



this sterling silver pendant and chain set is something we came up with and designed.

its 3 dimensional modelling data was sent to a professional jewelry maker to fabricate.

the slightly compressed hollowed structure of a diamond resulted in a unique and chic pendant

and one that can be worn in various ways.

below shows just two of the ways you could wear this item.

upright or upside down.

you could also try putting the chain through the pendant on the sides such that it is slanted or

through its middle such that it looks like it is hanging midway.


this pendant and chain set comes with a choice of two types of chains.

longish or short. the pictures here show the short version.

the pendant is relatively big as compared to the typical silver charms you often see.

but its delicate linework makes it sophisticated and elegant.

recommended: METABALL

metaball necklace

Today I took the kids out on a drive to town to run some errands.
and just for the fun of it, I wore a sample piece of the white metaball necklace. 
Didn't have the time to properly coordinate what I wore but I was wearing a dark navy blue outfit with black and white sneakers. 
Putting on the necklace somehow made me feel happy. 

The metaball necklace is lightweight so it is easy on the neck.
It is a fun piece that goes great with both casual and smart casual outfits.
Highly recommended for this Summer!

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