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simple and elegant design from the motif of the Geranium leaf.

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Pelargo is created based on the motif of the Geranium leaf in its natural and realistic form.
There are an infinite variety of shapes of plant leaves.
Unlike the typical symmetrical smooth-surfaced leaf we often see,
the Geranium leaf has crinkly surface with undulating edges and each different in shape from another.
It is such uniquely different characteristic that somehow makes this leaf so peculiar
so distinct, so symbolic of what Nature is.
Pelargo is a tiny leaf design, so small yet with a big presence.
The item is presented here in 3 color options.
If you wish to order the item in a color other than the options given,
kindly select the white or the black and at checkout, please write your desired color in the comment column.

More Information
sales modeready-to-ship items
type of accessoriesearrings
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsW 2.7 x H 2.8 x T 1.0 cm
quantity per set2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here