pocket square blue

pocket square blue

Product code:pocketsquareblue

3D printed pocketchief

Here is another innovative item we developed

a pocket handkerchief for the tuxedo or suit that is 3D printed in nylon plastic

that doubles up as a business card case!

The typical pocket handkerchief is a fabric square that is folded and slipped into the pocket

on the jacket of a business suit or a tuxedo.

We have attempted to reinterpret that piece of fabric 

and created this POCKET SQUARE that just needs to be put into the pocket

without having to adjust the folds. It looks sleek on the suit.

It cannot be used to wipe your nose but

it can be used as a case for business cards.

An ideal item for the opportunist at the business function or cocktail party!

This item in royal blue color adds a unique accent to your dark business suits.

It goes well with black, navy, brown or grey

and it is subtly outstanding and not only looks sleek but also creates a cool sense of fun with style!

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $84.04
type of accessories card cases
material nylon plastic
dimensions 12 x 6 x 1.5 cm
quantity per set single piece
customization No
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