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pearl-like earrings with frills!

As low as $41.39

Designed with similar folded waves effect as Ruffle Necklace.

Two sequential folded waves formed into a single rounded form,

create an intriguing sculptural effect reminiscent of a seed or sea weeds or corals.

The soft undulating surfaces come together in a simple spherical shape like a little pearl.

An elegant item that can be worn with any style, occasion and season.

This item can be dyed in your preferred color. Please specify your preferred color by leaving a comment during checkout.

More Information
sales modeready-to-ship items
type of accessoriesearrings
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsW 2.0 x H 2.2 x D 2 cm
quantity per set2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here