ruffly card stand

ruffly card stand

Product code:ruffly-cardstand

an intriguing sculptural card stand that works!

Ruffly Card Stand, a 3D printed object that functions as a card holder 

and works as a beautiful interior decorative item too!

There are postcards, notices, invitation letters, business cards etc.

that we do not wish to be kept away from sight for fear that we would forget about them.

To prevent having them lie around haphazardly, we came up with this little RUFFLY CARD STAND!

A small sculptural object that keeps your cards standing and looking good!

Like a ruff collar, the intriguing design has curved slots that create good grips

onto your cards, papers and it even works as a photo stand! 

This item requires about 2 weeks for production.

To order the item in other colors, please send us a message to let us know your preferred color.

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $77.09
type of stationery card stand
material nylon plastic
dimensions 8.5 x 5 x 5 cm
quantity per set single piece
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