white knit earrings

white knit earrings

Product code:white-knit-earrings

3D printed but knitted earrings??


this is an original design created by monocircus.
it is 3D printed in strong and flexible white nylon plastic.

Knitted earrings??

Yes, the composition of knits and purls on the surface of the item is no different from that of a handknitted sweater or scarf,
the only difference is that it is made in plastic! 

a whimsical and intriguing item that is just like an art object!
it is also a design that emphasizes the intricacy and uniqueness of 3D printing techniques.

NOTE! each knitted unit interlocks with one another yet they are loose so the object retracts and extends!
we showed this to some of our visitors during exhibition events and
they are always so intrigued by this characteristic that only 3D printing can achieve! 

it is very lightweight, so you won't feel you are wearing anything on your ear lobes!

now we provide clip-on version of this earrings.
they are rhodium plated silver tone adjustable clip-ons!


for enquiries, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]!

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $45.12
type of accessories earrings
material nylon plastic, S316L surgical stainless steel ear hooks or rhodium plated clip-ons
dimensions height: 5 cm
diameter: 3.5 cm
drape length from ear hole: 6~6.5 cm
quantity per set 2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here

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